The fleet

Brightline trains are like nothing you’ve ever seen before. See for yourself and take a 360-degree tour. Designed by a team of architects and interior designers from Rockwell Group, each train was built with your comfort in mind. Manufactured by Siemens in Sacramento, CA, each of our Florida trains offer a best-in-class ride packed with unique features.

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We are the first fully ADA-accessible train in the country with easy access from our stations to our trains.

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We’re American-made and 100% Buy America-compliant.

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Powered by FPL clean biodiesel, our locomotives have diesel-electric engines for lower emissions and reduced noise.

The seats

Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride! Next to full windows, each of our large leather seats recline for your comfort. Choose your seat in either our premium SELECT or SMART coaches.

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Free onboard Wi-Fi is available while you ride.

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Each seat is equipped with multiple power and USB outlets.

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Large multi-task tray tables at each seat offer plenty of space for your laptop, tablet, food or drink.

The experience

Stay Connected and Charged

Enjoy free, high-speed Wi-Fi while you ride from station to station. Charge up with our power outlets and USB ports right at your seat.

Dine and Drink On Board

A variety of delicious bites and beverages are available for purchase onboard.

State-of-the-Art Restrooms

Our restrooms are spacious and provide an innovative hands-free experience.

Bike and Carry-On Storage

With bike racks and ample room throughout our coaches, your stuff can ride with you. Check our FAQs for more info.

Check Your Luggage

Need more than a carry-on? Check your bag before you board. View our FAQs for size restrictions and fees.

Pet Friendly

We love our pets and know you do too. View our FAQs for more info and bring your furry friend along for the ride.

Enhanced Accessibility

We’re fully ADA-accessible with level boarding to accommodate wheelchairs, strollers and wheeled bags with ease.

Interconnected Stations

Each station is in the heart of the city and connects to other transit options. Visit our stations to see how you can easily reach your final destination.


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